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Deep Sea Charter Fishing Trips

Private Charter Fishing Trips offered for up to 6 people

Join Captain Larry on one of our upcoming private deep sea fishing charters in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, departing from Captain Anderson’s Marina Panama City Beach.  You will have a full day on the water as he takes you straight to the best fishing grounds in the area. Get your cooler ready to bring home the ‘Catch of the Day’.

You can have the whole boat to yourselves with a totally private fishing charter OR if you are on your own or just 2-3 people we can get you in with another small group to share the costs. Whatever way you choose you will be sure to have a great day on the boat.


Our trolling trips can be either 4, 5, 6 or 8-hour trips. We also offer longer trips so just ask. Troll fishing is when the boat stays moving forward at a slow speed while dragging baits at various distances behind the boat. Once the fish strikes the bait it is time for someone to grab the pole and reel in their catch. On these trips we normally fish 2 to 4 rods at a time using artificial, fresh and live bait depending on targeted species. We offer early morning mid-day or afternoon trips. Most people think that the morning fishing is always the best. This is not the case. Some of our best trips we have had have been midday or afternoon. So, if you not an early riser we can still have a very successful trip later in the day. Here at North Bay Charters, depending on time of year and seasons our troll fishing trips normally have a short 15 to 45-minute ride to get to the fishing grounds. On these trips we are normally in the 1 to 10-mile range from shore. Early in the season, spring trolling is normally outstanding and we are mainly catching Spanish mackerel, blue fish, skip jack, blue runner, and  king mackerel… and if you get really lucky, cobia. Cobia migrate through the Panama City Beach area in April and is a favorite spring fish to target.  As the fishing season progresses the king mackerel and bonito get more and more plentiful, mahi-mahi, and wahoo also start showing up. King mackerel are the most plentiful species we target on these trips during the summer and fall months. These fish normally range in the 8 to 20-pound range and can occasionally reach up to 50 pounds or more. Captain Larry’s personal best is 65 pounds! These trips can be great for first-timers and kids, we are normally in sight of land on these trips and sometimes even in the bay area where the seas are always calm. All trips are for up to 6 passengers.

Deep Sea Charter Fishing

Bottom Fishing


Captain Larry specializes in bottom fishing on local reefs. Species caught on these reefs consist of but are not limited to, varieties of snapper, grouper, trigger and amberjack. Some species may only be caught during a predetermined season, as defined by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Several different types of bait are used for reef fishing: squid, herring and live bait.

The quality and quantity of fish caught increases as the trip length increases. A minimum of a four hour trip is required for bottom fishing.

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing is one of the most popular trips at North Bay Charters. These trips range in length from five to eight hours. The longer the trip the greater the opportunity to catch the “big one.”

Sharks caught consist of bull, black tips, hammerheads, tigers and mako. Some species are federally protected and others can be caught to either release or consume.

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